Friday, 23 September 2016

Club News -

Ruff Gaming Racing & Ruffians FC

Details below on our 2 new clubs that you can sign up for from today.

Game - Forza Horizon 3
Platform - Xbox One
Tag - RGR
Captain - RuffianStew

Ruff Gaming Racing is our Forza Horizon 3 car club that is now open. All levels of drivers are welcome to join in the madness that we cause. Also if you are new to Ruff Gaming you are also welcome - more the merrier, just sign up on our forum to take part. Sign up if you fancy a laugh, details - Click Here

Game - Fifa 17
Platform - Xbox One
Tag - RFC
Captain - RuffianStew

Ruffians FC is back for its 8th year and ready to bring the chaos back to the virtual football fields of Fifa. Players who played last year get 1st choice of the places for the new season but we still may have room for new faces so worth a try. To sign up - Click Here!

Any questions on either of these Ruff Gaming clubs please feel free to ask them over on the forum or you can give me a shout on Twitter @RuffianStew

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Competition News -

The Ruff Fantasy Football League 2016/17

Fancy battling it out over our Fantasy Football title? Think you have what it takes to be crowned champion?

Can anybody stop RaingodZippo from wining the title again to make it 3 title wins in a row? This is free and easy to take part and is normally a good laugh.

We use the official Premier League fantasy football which you can sign up at - Once you have signed up your team then you can join our private league by going to the league section of that site and using the league code  54142-19111.

Once you have signed up please post your team name on the forum so we know who is who. I will do league updates throughout the season and the winner will earn a place in the Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame!

This is open to new and old members so spread the word with your friends and get them signed up to the forum to take part! 

The league starts Saturday 13th Aug at 11:30am. All teams need to be signed up by then to start scoring points in Gameweek 1. You can join after this but remember you will miss out on a week of points!

Please post your team name at - Click Here!

Any questions you can give me a shout on Twitter at @RuffianStew on use the fantasy sport section of our forum.

Good Luck!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Competition News -

After 4 weeks of Fifa 16 games on the Xbox One - starting in the groups then into the knockout stages we have our champion of the Euro Ruff's 2016

X Bulldog

A massive well done to X Bulldog who took Romania all the way to the final and is now crowned the champion of the Euro Ruff's 2016!

He earns himself a place in the hallowed Ruff Gaming Hall Fame!

X Bulldog played Mikethemute in the final and after a 2-2 match forced them into a replay, Bulldog took the championship with a 4-0 victory. Really unlucky to Mikethemute who is the holder of our other Fifa tournament - The Ruff World Cup and he came close to being the 1st player to have both titles at the same time.

Don't forget to get your goals sent in to me for the goal of tournament that you scored during the Euro Ruff's. You have 2-3 weeks to get them in as I'm away now. I will also do an awards of the tournament but again that will be a few weeks away.

A massive thanks to everyone that took part making it a cracking tournament.

Thanks and keep an eye out as we will have some new bits incoming very soon for the site.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Euro Ruff's 2016

The Euro Ruff's 2016

So the draw has been held and finally it is time to start playing the group games - yes that is right you can start playing your group matches from NOW!

The full info on the settings/matches and the whole competition is now posted on the forum, so please take 5 minutes to read the post as hopefully it should have all the info that you will need.

Also I have made a thread for each group so you can see the table and post the results for that group. All results must be posted in the correct section of the forum. We have gone for everybody plays each other in their group twice - so 6 group matches each in total.

To see your groups section - Click Here!

We also will be having a goal of the tournament competition running - Click Here

For the full tournament schedule - Click Here!

We have a section for chat and banter on the competition - Click Here

So hopefully that covers everything that you will need to start your journey on the road to the final!

Get playing and have fun!


Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Euro Ruff's 2016

The Euro Ruff's 2016 - The Live Draw

I want to firstly give a massive thanks to everybody that has signed up - we have had an amazing response to this tournament with all 24 places being taken!

The Euro Ruff's 2016 will be a single PvP Fifa 16 tournament on the Xbox One!

We will be using as near to the real life Euro tournament teams as we can but there are a few missing from the list in the game so I have added a few teams to give us a full 24 team list.

The teams will be randomly draw from a hat on a live video stream using Periscope which anybody can view on a phone, tablet or laptop - the link for this stream will be posted on our Twitter account just before the live draw. The draw will be starting at 9:30pm. If you can not view the live stream Iceman will be kindly live tweeting the groups and the teams as the draw happens and you can follow him on twitter - @Iceman_D18. Also if you miss the draw we will be posting the video of it to our YouTube Channel shortly after the event has finished.

Lastly if you wish, Iceman (Gamertag - Iceman D18) will be hosting an Xbox Live party so the tournament players can chat as the teams are drawn live. There will only be space for 16 people in the party so get in early to take part in the fun.

The tournament team list and schedule will be posted very shortly on the forum.

A massive thanks to everyone that has signed up!

Good Luck


Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Euro Ruff's 2016

The Euro Ruff's are Back!

After we held the Euro Ruff's 2012 and the Ruff World Cup 2014, and having great fun and success with both of them, we thought it would be rude not to bring our Fifa based tournament back!

This Ruff Gaming competition will take place on Fifa 16, on the Xbox One. We will follow the same structure as the real life Euro Championship competition - group matches, then knockout rounds and  on route to the final.

The team list will be based as near as possible to the Euro's in France, but we had to tweak the list slightly as there are a few teams not available in Fifa 16 that are in France this summer. There will be 24 places for the Euro Ruff's and the teams will be decided in a random draw. The draw will be streamed live over our Ruff Gaming YouTube channel, so the competitors can see that it is truly random! So yes, you might draw a 3 star rubbish team making it harder, but also you might get a 5 star epic team! It is random and that helps to add to the fun.

Even Scotland have managed to make the Euro Ruff's team list!

The live draw on YouTube will be held at 9:30pm on Sunday 12th June. Once the draw is complete the group games can be started to be played from Monday 13th June onwards. The full competition schedule and timetable will posted here on the forum. We will be aiming to hold the final around the 10th July.

I will post more information soon, but I'm hoping to add a 'Goal of the Tournament' competition and also a 'Player Award' for the Euro Ruff's 2016.

The prize will be a place in the hallowed Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame!

The full information on the games' settings and rules will be posted on the forum before the start of the competition. The theme, as always, for our competitions is be competitive (of course), but having fun and a laugh is the main rule!

All levels of skill are welcome - so don't shy away because you think you are rubbish! Hell, I'm the worst Fifa player going and somehow I managed to get to the final of the last Ruff World Cup!

Also if you are new to Ruff Gaming you are more than welcome to join this competition. All you have to do is sign up to our forum which is dead easy!

Click here if you fancy taking part - 1st come 1st served



Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Competition News -

The dust has now settled and the final points have been counted for the Ruff Fantasy Football League 2015/16 season and RaingodZippo has been crowned a very worthy winner making it 2 years in a row he has won the title! A massive well done to Mr Zippo for his skilled management of his team keeping him 2 or 3 steps ahead of everyone else all season.

Can Raingod equal X Bulldogs record of 3 titles on the trot next year or will someone else be challenging for the crown!

RaingodZippo wins a place in the Hallowed Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame!

The Ruff Fantasy Football League will return once again for the next season in August so keep an eye out for the sign up of the new season! Below are the final standings for the 2015/16 season.

A big thanks to everyone that entered and see you next season!


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Competition News -

The Ruff Forza Championship 2016

The final race has been raced and we have our champion!

T3RRAF0RM I think you all will agree with me is a worthy champion and deserves the title. He earns himself a place in the Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame!

Mehwarrior was very close behind T3RRA in 2nd place throughout the competition and pushed him all the way not giving T3RRA any room for mistakes. It was a cracking battle between those 2 on the track every week and was awesome to watch.

I want to thank everybody that took part making it such great fun and one of our most successfully competitions to date. A special mention and thanks goes to Iceman for helping me plan and set this championship up - It wouldn't have been half as successful without him!

I will attempted to go through the race highlights soon and get some made into a video for Ruff Gaming TV - more info to follow soon on that.

The Ruff Forza Championship will return in 2017 - but plenty of other Forza events and championships will be announced for 2016 soon!

Below is the full round up of Race 5 and the final drivers standings.



Thursday, 31 March 2016

Competition News -

The Race Day 4 and 5

So race day 4 at Spa saw our 1st night race in one of our competitive Forza events and it was another cracking race! There was some great racing battles all over the track and race order. A massive thanks to everybody that took part. A giant well done to T3RRAF0RM with winning the race and taking the bonus points for the fastest lap!

Also well done to Mehwarrior who was so close behind T3RRA in 2nd place and he still keeps his championship hopes alive going into the final race. RaingodZippo took 3rd place with a cracking drive making it his 1st time on the podium and it was very well deserved.

So onto next week and Race 5 of the championship. It will be held at the Sonoma Raceway Full and there will be no sign of the race or dark so you guys can relax a little this time a round.

Race 4 results, drivers table and next weeks details are below.

A big thanks to you all for taking part!

See you next week.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Competition News -

Last night saw another cracking race in the Ruff Forza Championship 2016 which was held at Watkins Glen - in the dry for a change!

The race was action packed and plenty of good racing was had.

A massive thanks to everyone that took part and a giant well done to T3RRAF0RM for taking 1st place. Also well done to Mehwarrior for picking up the fastest lap bonus for the race. Fastbud gets a special mention for getting his 1st podium place of the championship coming in 3rd!

The Championship is really wide open with 2 races to go and only 3 points between the top 3 drivers!

Feel free to comment on last nights race - Click Here!

Below is the championship table, last nights race results, the podium from last night and next weeks race details!

Yep that is right, our 1st ever night race in a Ruff Gaming Competition!

See you on the track!